Grating Carrots

Goal: Check to see if my new spiralizer will work better than a grater or food processor for “grating” carrots.  OK, I already know.  A food processor will work best, all things considered.  But, I was in the mood to compare results.

Process:  First off, I didn’t bother with a hand grater.  I mean, this is a page about gizmos. Forget about it.  I focused on my Brieftons 5-Blade Spiralizer vs my trusty Hamilton Beach low-price-point food processor.

What am I using the grated carrots for?  A fabulous lunch dish I had in Astoria, Oregon at Coffee Girl, a truly unique coffee houses as it is located right on the Columbia River in the West’s oldest cannery building.  I think my lunch was called the “Swedish Bagel”, not a regular item on their menu, but it is delicious.  With the first bite I knew I wanted to recreate that recipe.  There is a link to this recipe below.

Results:  The food processor is clearly best for a dish like the one above.  Yes, as I said, I already knew it.  But here is why:

Spiralizer?  I chose the fattest carrot in the pack, and when spiralizing was done much of it was still left on the spiralizer.   Additionally, the carrot “gratings” just weren’t right, and this was with the smallest blade in my collection.   Not right for me, at least.  OK for some other purpose, but not for my bagel experiment.

Compare this to the plate of gratings from the food processor.  Better look, and much more efficient:

Even though it was one of the most affordable quality food processors out there, the Hamilton Beach did the job.  As predicted.  Now, be damn sure to check out the recipe below!

My attempt, using those spiralized carrots with a few of the food processor carrots mixed in.  While my food styling skills need work, it was delicious.


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