American Arepa Breakfast

Device:Holstein Housewares Arepa and Mini Empanada Maker – Yes, Arepas are worthy of their own device, and adding a mini-empanada maker could be gilding the lily… but hold on.  Mini-appliances makers are often highly driven to give you even more reasons to buy their appliances, and here’s a little “hack” or three that actually works pretty well.  Yes, there are other ways to make eggs, hash browns and pancakes, but these tricks work well.  Besides, who doesn’t love using kitchen gizmos?  If you know what I mean, keep reading.  If not, time to move along.

Tried, tested, and approved.

You know, I think there is a sandwich somewhere in here, too.  Add salsa and stack?  I’ll bet this could cook sausage, too.

Arepa Breakfast – eggs, hash browns, and pancakes.

Serves: 2 light eaters, or 1 hungry person
Cooking Time: 20 minutes


  • – 3 potatoes peeled
  • – ½ cup of butter melted – you can probably get by with less.
  • – Pancake mix (you can use a box mix like we did or prepare one from scratch
  • – 2 eggs – store bought is fine… no need to raise chickens.
  • – Maple syrup
  • – Salt
  • – Black pepper



Start by pre-heating your Arepa Maker


Peel your potatoes, then slice them into wedges so that you can pass them through the food processor or shred the potatoes by hand


Once you have your bowl of shredded potatoes, you are going to mix in your melted butter, salt & pepper


Spray down your plates with some non-stick spray


Crack your eggs into the maker and pour in your pancake mix


Take your potato mix and roll fist size patties together. Place your patties in the maker and close the lid.


Let them bake for 7 minutes.


Top your pancakes off with some maple syrup & enjoy your complete breakfast.


Not sure a recipe is required here, as none of this is cooking on the fringes, but here it is… just in case.


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