Mr. GizmoCuisine.com has been cooking with gizmos for more than 50 years.  It’s in his nature to be drawn to gadgets, especially small kitchen appliances, for some reason, and he has dozens and dozens of them.  If it has a cord, he will try it, and if it has Bluetooth… I’ll do all I can to go for it.

There is a fun element to it, as well as a practical one.  Sometimes there IS the right tool for a job.  Other times, there is an excuse to buy a gadget.

I have gadgets to brew beer, ferment, pickle, slice, dice, stir, blend, create gyoza, and on and on.

I own dozens of devices/gizmos/small kitchen appliances but am glad to take your product and review it.  This can include small appliances, larger appliances, utensils, online tools and sites, and more.  If I hate it, which would be rare, I just won’t post about it.  If I had some issues with it, I’ll point them out, along with the items on the plus side.  If that works for you, contact me here:

We are glad to accept appliances for review. Give us your information below and we will be in touch.